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Teams & Matches

We have a wide variety of teams and inter-club matches, please get in touch with the appropriate Team Manager/Organiser if you’d like to be considered/get involved.

Mens’ Teams

Team Criteria Organisers 2017
Scratch Team Low handicap players representing the Club, knock out off scratch, selected by the Team Manager Jason Turner
Cyril Blake Team Aged 55+, knock out, 4 pairs playing foursomes matchplay off handicap, selected by the Team Manager David Fitzpatrick
Birchwood Group Team 5 pairs (handicap 7-13 and 14+) selected by the Team Manager Robin Fuller
BDGS Brighton & District Golfing Society Various matches Scratch
Intermediate (handicaps 7+)
Junior (handicaps 14+)
Players selected by Team Manager
Jason Turner
Robin Fuller
Tony Case
Nicky Felix
Club Team Several matches each season, 4BBB. Selected by the Club Captain Mervin Allinson
Club Captain
‘B’ Team Players 18+ handicap, 11 matches, 4BBB selected by the Team Manager Peter Faulkner
Veterans Aged 55+ must be member of Vets Section, 38 home and away matches, picked from sign-up sheet David Barber
Veterans’ Captain
SLOGG Sussex League of Gentleman Golfers Aged 55+ 5 pairs 4BBB matchplay, contact Team Manager if you’d like to play Tony Case

Ladies' Teams

Team Criteria Organiser 2017
Division 1 Sussex Inter-club, singles matchplay played off scratch, any handicap Carol Duncumb
Division 2 Sussex inter-club, singles matchplay played off scratch, handicap 14+ Julia Dryden
Division 3 Sussex inter-club, singles matchplay played off scratch, handicap 21+ Sylvie Shuster
Friendly matches Various matches throughout the season, sign up sheet  

There are other inter-club matches and Sussex County events where the team is selected by the Ladies’ Captain.

Mixed Matches

Match Criteria Organisers 2017
Sunday afternoons followed by 2 course meal 10 home and away friendly mixed matches played off handicap, normally greensomes, all welcome sign up sheet c/o Mervin Allinson

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